TeamStride Employee and Task Management Software
TeamStride is highly recommended. We do not have to bother about tracking the attendance or timesheets or the recruitments. Its all automated. We had a weekly payment system for some employees. It takes care of that distinction too. We’re glad we subscribed to it.

-Deepak Sharma.

Our HR workload has reduced significantly ever since we subscribed to TeamStride. We have more time to focus on the strategy than the manual daily tasks.

-Robert David.

We've been using TeamStride for couple of years and we're really impressed with the simplicity of the product. It has made a huge difference in our office. Having had no online HR system or task management facility before, it has provided us with a place to store all of our electronic data.

-Ashwani Kumar.

We chose TeamStride specifically to manage our Payroll and Leave Management system. We have been really impressed with the way they work and resolve our issues in real time.

-Peter Madsen.

They have the intent to solve things for the customer. They claim it and I believe they are able to deliver too. Never in these years did their support team let us down even ones. That’s commendable. They are committed.

-Brandy Nichols.

We had never thought task management could be so well automated. We had been doing it manually and we thought we were good at it, until we discovered task management solutions. TeamStride has revolutionised the way we carry out our daily activities now. Our teams are more productive and accountable since the software doesn’t spare them!

- Tom Roberts.

Recruitment Management is one of most tedious and time-consuming activities attached to the HR team. When a software exists that can so beautifully take care of all the formalities, they can focus better on the strategic activities. TeamStride has empowered us get there. We’re thankful.

-Ambika Malhotra.

It is a cost-effective cloud based service that stream lined our attendance and leave tracking system. The great part is everything is automated now.

-Zarina Namakula.

TeamStride has made our lives easier with its excellent features and user-friendly interface .

-Saurav Gupta.