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Biometrics Attendance and Flexible Payroll Management

Detailed Attendance reports and customizable components for Payroll

Get instant, clear view of your teams' performance

You will see the miraculous increase in productivity of your team with the Power of Cloud


Task Management

Task Management and Status Reports

Task management and reports are vital tools that help you plan and decide which employee can complete what amount of task within a fixed period of time. You can track the actual amount of time spent on the task vis a vis, the ideal time required.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking and Timesheets

Your employees can punch in the time during entry, exit and movement. The timesheets keep track of average time spent on particular tasks. You can gauge their productivity by comparing the logged time with the timesheet entries.


Attendance and Payroll

You can completely automate the attendance process. It integrates the biometric attendance monitoring with the monthly payrolls. It calculates pay on the basis of the leaves and attendance hours.


Recruitment Management

This is about automating and facilitating the processes involved in finding, attracting, assessing, interviewing and hiring new personnel. This one is a breather for your HR team investing several hours into manual scrutiny and assessment of job applicants.


Approvals and Alerts

Your employees do not have to queue up for approvals outside the Managers’ cabins. Neither do you have to cross-check about announcements received by specific employees. The system enables SMS and email notifications along with employee registration on all kind of alerts and information shared.

Self Service

Employee Self Service

This puts an end to time-consuming administration and paperwork for employees by allowing direct access to their vital personal information, which they can update from time to time, apply leaves, review task status and real time communication platform.

Why Choose TeamStride?


It is a highly customizable software allowing several options for enterprises to inculcate the functionalities that fit well within their requirements. It helps manage resources efficiently and remote access too.


Since TeamStride is based on Cloud technology, it is easily accessible from every nook and corner of the world, allowing a real-time and hassle-free monitoring.


The consistent feedback from the customers, who are industry leaders, has helped our product constitute some exceptional features that solve the real problems within an enterprise.

But the most important factor is that

By and Large, we Deliver our Best to you

With all that we have packaged for you in our product and the more we are planning to put together in our future augmentations,
we guarantee that we’ll deliver a world-class experience to you.

Saving your Precious Time with Our Unparalleled Features

Research suggests that nearly 30% companies around the world are still carrying out task management manually, while several others do not have fully automated systems – wasting thousands in the non-productive hours.

With some exceptional functionality like tracking employee’s activities and task status report, we help you gauge the productivity of your employees precisely and allow optimal utilization of resources.



What are the differences between Free and Paid plans?

As long as One Administrator manages everything (like Payroll, Attendance, Employee profiles and Tasks management and everything else) related with its 20 employees then there is no need to make any payment, its FREE life long.
If you need that your employees also log in and take the benifits of Employee self service features like apply leaves, check approvals or send their daily status reports for assigned tasks and much more or if your employees are more than 20 than a paid plan is required.

We have very competitive pricing which include all high end features to help you grow your business. As employees count increases price reduces. For those employees who will not normally log in to system we have special lowest rates.
There are two plans as of now Free and Standard. Please visit the Pricing section to check latest information on it. we have good discount options and referral bonuses.

TeamStride is fully compatible with Biometrics systems. We have currently integrated Secugen biometrics devices, you can inform us about your biometrics device brand and we will try getting its Web API integrated as well.

Your data is stored on servers which are secure as per best available industry standards. Data is saved in databases using Microsoft technologies. You may please visit the Privacy section to get the details about security.

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  • They have the intent to solve things for the customer. They claim it and I believe they are able to deliver too. Never in these years did their support team let us down even ones. That’s commendable.
    They are committed.
    Brandy Nichols, CEO
  • TeamStride is highly recommended. We do not have to bother about tracking the attendance or timesheets or the recruitments. Its all automated. We had a weekly payment system for some employees. It takes care of that distinction too. We’re glad we subscribed to it.
    Deepak Sharma, Managing Director
  • We had never thought task management could be so well automated. We had been doing it manually and we thought we were good at it, until we discovered TeamStride. It has revolutionised the way we carry out our daily activities now. Our teams are more productive and accountable.
    Tom Roberts, VP
  • We've been using TeamStride for couple of years and we're really impressed with the simplicity of the product. It has made a huge difference in our office. Having had no online HR system or task management facility before, it has provided us with a place to store all of our electronic data.
    Ashwani Kumar, COO


We offer a complete suite of task management and HR solutions that can automate your daily tasks. We have been the trusted partners for leading enterprises across the globe.



Our highly customizable features can fit into any framework depending upon the size of the company, the policies and terms. We are, therefore, very adaptable and flexible.

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